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Join us at the Santa Fe Rennaisance Faire September 17th & 18th 2016 at Rancho de las Golondrinas!
This is the big event. In its 9th year, with 8,500 people attending over the weekend, it it the largest Rennaisance event in New Mexico, and it is a LOT of FUN!! And we will have lots of MEAD!

Santa Fe Rennaisance Fair

Be There!

Falcon Tap Room and Restaurant

After 11 years in business, Falcon Meadery is getting ready to open a tap room and restaurant in downtown Santa Fe. Help us with our indiegogo campaign to finish up the tap room we already have the premesis and the kitchen established. 

Falcon tasting room and restaurant in downtown Santa Fe

International award winning meads. Making fine mead and fine cider in Santa Fe New Mexico. 

Welcome to the Falcon Meadery and Cidery of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Free Tours and Tastings by appointment daily.

Producing fine meads and natural hard apple cider in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Mead is wine made from honey. It may have fruit added. It can be sweet or dry. It is known as "ambrosia", and "The nectar of the Gods."

We do not add sulfites to our mead. We use organic raw unfiltered honey which contains no sulfites. Some sulfites occur naturally in all fermented beverages, but since we do not add sulfites our mead has very low levels of sulfites.

We do not add sulfites to our cider. All fermented beverages contain naturally occurring sulfites. Since we do not add sulfites, our products contain very low levels of sulfites.

Our mead contains no wheat or grain, so it is gluten free.

More information about mead

Darragh Nagle's music is now available free on youtube. See links under "PEOPLE".


1572 Center Drive, Suite E
Santa Fe NM 87507 
PO Box 5947, Santa Fe NM 87502


Directions: Take Cerillos Road, south of Airport Road, turn right at light on Camino Entrada. Go straight, road curves to left, take second right on Center Drive. Falcon is in the second building on the left, at 1572 Center Drive. Tours available daily by appointment. 


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